Winter Warmer Very Berry

Hand made to order Pipinchick’s Forager Very Berry Oat Porridge Hen treat mix has been created to give your hens a lovely warming winter boost packed full of goodness, healthy porridge for your chickens.


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How many hens will this feed?

Each sachet will feed up to 4-6 hens as a supplement to the normal diet.

Do chickens like porridge?

Yes, it’s a great winter treat on cold mornings feed no more than 3 times a week to help warm your chickens.


  • Rolled Oats – Slow Release Energy.
  • British Mixed Corn – Carbohydrate.
  • Dried Blueberry and Raspberry – Antioxidant, Vitamins A, B. C9
  • Grit – To aid good digestion.
  • Sunflower & Pumpkin Seeds – Protein & B12.
  • Ginger Powder – Aids Healthy Feather Growth.
  • Garlic Powder – Natural Wormer and Immune Booster.
  • Dried Parsley – B12.
  • Fishmeal – Omega 3 & Protein.


More Info

Give your hens a warming winter porridge mix hand made by Pipinchick Poultry, a wonderful blend of rolled oats, corn and health boosting ingredients such as ginger, peanut, banana, garlic and seeds all chosen to aid your hens health during the colder months. Dried blueberries and raspberries have been added into this chicken porridge mix to give a good boost of antioxidants and multi vitamins, with added ginger and garlic for both feather growth and as a natural parasite repellent this tasty porridge mix packs a nutritional and health boosting punch. Warming oats give a slow release boost of energy and help your chickens stay active during the winter months when the weather is colder and natural foraging time is shorter.

Not to be given in place of a complete pellet feed but to be given as a complimentary and healthy treat 2-3 times a week, 50gms (one handful) to 4-6 hens, a little of this goes a long way.

Simply add hot water to cover the oats, stir well then leave to cool for 10 minutes, be careful not to feed when too hot. Stir well again before serving to your chickens.

All treat bags are hand made to order, please allow 24 hours from payment to dispatch, not to be given as a food substitute. Not suitable for hens younger than 4 months of age.

Delivery for Supplies

If your order only includes supplies

0-2kg Royal Mail 2nd Class – £3.50

2-30kg Parcel Force 48 – £7.50

30kg+ Parcel Force 48 – £12.00

If your order includes both chickens and supplies

When buying both poultry and product at the same time, your supplies will be packaged to be delivered or collected at the same time as your chickens.

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