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Reserving Hens for Spring 2024

How To Reserve a Pipinchick Chicken for Spring 2024

As winter approaches it’s an exciting time here on the farm, this is the time of year when most of last spring’s hens have found their new homes and we start looking to next spring and this winter’s rearing season. As popularity grows for our pure breeds and Bantam Chickens how can you reserve a hen for next year to ensure you don’t miss out?

Chickens for Sale

We have many stunning chickens for sale at Pipinchick and as such they do tend to go very quickly when a new season starts.

To ensure you don’t miss out sign up to our Online Notifier.

Sadly, due to the number of hens we rear and the popularity of certain breeds and colour such as Blue Silkie Chickens, or Rare Japanese Bantams we are unable to take manual reservations so our online notifier is by far the best weay to make sure you get what you want next season.

Online Notifier

If you would like to be notified when hens are available, simply pop your email into our notifier system.

This can be found through our Pet Chicken Shop, select the breeds you’re interested in, then pop your details in per colour, then once available you will be instantly notified.  

Pipinchick Subscriber

Another great way to ensure you get first pick is to become a Pipinchick Subscriber

Our Subscribers not only get a lovely gift box every month and 5% off all future accessory purchases but they also get priority on spring hens, you can then tell us what you want and before they go on offer via the website and you will be contacted by one of our team for first choice.

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