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Bantam Ardennaise Chickens

Confident Bantam Ardennaise Chickens For Sale

Introduction to Bantam Ardennaise Chickens

These little birds are full of character, they are a confident and very robust bantam chicken. Although friendly they are not a lap chicken but they do make wonderful pets and companions. They are busy little chickens and although not big on cuddles will follow you just about everywhere you go! Capable of adapting to most situations easily they are good to be mixed with most other breeds.

Good With Most

This breed will be suited with most other breeds, however, some breeds can bully if in greater numbers or put with more delicate breeds, this breed can also manage a mixed flock with larger hybrids or pure breeds.

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Make Great Pets

This breed make wonderful pets for both adults and children, they will have a docile nature and will be easy to handle once they get to know you, they will enjoy human interaction and company.

150-180 Small White PA

This breed will lay up to 180 small white coloured eggs per year, they are not known for being broody.

More About Bantam Ardennaise

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The Bantam Ardennaise is a confident and cheeky little bird. They are robust for their size and will be into everything going on. They are inquisitive, smart and very friendly. They fly quite well and love to roost and perch up high. They are not timid and will stand up for themselves in a large mixed flock, although friendly they are not a great lap chicken, but can be hand tamed with patience and persistence, it will take time and trust. Once they know you, they will be very happy in your company and will follow you about the garden wondering what you’re doing. Their robust nature makes them compatible with most breeds including larger birds and more aggressive bantams such as Pekin Bantams. They are very clever and can even learn simple tricks.


Bantam Ardennaise are a busy little chicken and will be very happy free roaming in a large space but they are equally suited to a back garden. They can fly very well and will fly up high when scared or agitated. If you are keeping them in a small back garden and don’t want them free ranging when you are not there you will need an enclosed run, they are not a ‘wandering’ breed and will stay where they are safe but may scale a face and get into some mischief if you’re not around. You can also clip their wing tips to stop them flying, however, this does limit their mobility in the event of a predator. They are a very pretty bird with a striking high fanned tail feather, they have featherless feet and legs so need minimal maintenance and can roam in longer grass and fields. They can manage a house with a ladder or a ramp.


The Ardennaise is a lovely breed of bantam chicken bred from the traditional large breed which is documented as early as the 1800’s. The Bantam Variety was later created in the 1900’s and believed to have been a cross breed with the well-known Leghorn. Both breeds originate from the Ardennes region of France on the Belgian border. The bantam variety became very popular after the 2nd World War due to its independent nature and robust attitude; they are also good, reliable layers for a small bird. They have been reared in the U.K. since then and although rare are growing in popularity with chicken keepers across the nation. Not known for being overly broody they are good little layers giving you up to 180 small white eggs per year and have a life expectancy of up to 8 years.

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