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Japanese Bantam Chickens

Gorgeous Japanese Bantam Chickens For Sale

Introduction to Japanese Bantam Chabo Chickens

Stunning very rare little bantam chickens with glorious fan tails. They are short to the ground and make lovely back garden hens. They are very smart little hens and incredibly inquisitive, they make wonderful companion chickens and are well suited with almost any other bantam. They will tame in time and although not the cuddliest will be friendly and comfortable in your company. Perfect garden companions, they are friendly and smart little birds and do prefer to be in breed pairs.

Good With Most

This breed will be suited with most other breeds, however, some delicate breeds are not compatible with Hybrids or more aggressive breeds. Check the full breed guide for more information.

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Aloof But Friendly

This breed will be very inquisitive and friendly; however, they can seem a little aloof as they do not like being handled too much and will be self-sufficient, they prefer to chicken about doing their own thing.

50-100 Small White PA

This breed will lay up to 100 small white coloured eggs per year, they are not known for being broody.

More About Bantam Chabo

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Bantam Chabo are such lovely little birds, they have very docile natures and make lovely pets when in the correct environment. Not suited with young children as they need a considerate touch, they are happy living in a back garden set up. They are inquisitive and friendly, although a little flighty. They have drooping wings that will run along the ground so ensuring clean litter is very important. Japanese bantams are rewarding hens to keep as they are truly stunning and very tameable when in the right hands. They are cheeky and friendly and will like your company, it may take a little longer to gain their trust, but once used to you will enjoy being with you in the summer months in the garden.


The Japanese Bantam or “Chabo” is a rare true bantam and can be delicate, they are not suited to a large outside area and will need an aviary style set up or a well-maintained garden, with clean fresh litter added regularly to their run to keep their wing tips in good condition. They are predominantly a show hen and although can be kept in a back garden set up but you will need to ensure a good quality house and a covered run area so they do not get too wet or mucky. They make lovely garden companions but are not great for young children due to their aloof and slightly flighty natures, however, they are a chicken enthusiasts dream, easily tamed once trust is gained through regular handling with care, be wary mixing Chabo with any hybrids or assertive bantam breeds such as Pekin Bantams or Bantam Wyandottes. They love to perch so ensuring a good amount of enrichment in their aviary is essential for their wellbeing they can manage a house with a ladder or ramp.


The Chabo or Japanese Bantam is said to have originated from China and first introduced to Japan in the 1600’s, they can first be seen depicted in traditional Japanese paintings form this era. They are very exotic to the U.K. and quite rare, although they can manage in our cool climate they will need a warm secure indoor area to live in during the winter months, this may even need to be heated if the temperature drops too much. They are a true bantam meaning there are no large breed counterparts, they are quite unique and wonderful as an exhibition bird for the chicken enthusiast.
The word ‘Chabo” translates form Japanese to mean bantam or dwarf. They are thought to have reached the U.K. in the 1860’s and the first Japanese Bantam Club was formed at the Crystal Palace (London) show on 12th November 1912. They are not fantastic laying hens offering up to 100 small white eggs a year, they are not known for being broody. They have a life expectancy of up to 12 years.

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