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Bantam d’Uccle Chickens

Sweet Little Bantam d’Uccle Chickens For Sale

Introduction to Bantam d’Uccle Chickens

Lovely little bantam bearded Barbu d’Uccles are such delicate and stunning little chickens. They’re docile, timid and very sweet, they have gentle natures and make excellent pets for older children. Fantastic garden companions they are better suited to a smaller set up. They need a considerate touch and a calm environment; they are a very rewarding bird to own and will be friendly and tame with careful handling and patience.

Handle With Care

This breed, although not hard to care for is delicate and not suited in large flocks of rangy or aggressive breeds, they will be happier in a flock of gentle breeds or breeds labelled Good With Most, avoid mixing with Hybrids, better in pairs. Check the full breed guide for more information.

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Make Great Pets

This breed make wonderful pets for both adults and children, they will have a docile nature and will be easy to handle, they will enjoy human interaction and company.

50-100 Small White/Cream PA

This breed will lay up to 100 small cream or white coloured eggs per year, they are not known for being overly broody.

More About Bantam d’Uccles

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The Barbu d’Uccle is a very timid and delicate little bird. They are friendly and docile and do like people, but it may take a little longer to gain their trust. They are petite birds with bearded muffs under their chins and fully feathered feet. Sweet and inquisitive they will thrive in an environment with not too much competition. They are very similar to a Bantam Faverolles or a Bantam Polish, they cannot be mixed with all bantams and should be handled with care. Because of their timid nature they should never be mixed with large hybrids or groups of Pekin Bantams.
Although they require a little more care and a calmer environment, they are such rewarding little chickens and once tamed will make excellent companions.


As with other delicate bantams the d’Uccle Chicken is well suited to a smaller area and would be happiest in a back garden set up. They can mix with other bantams and gentle large pure breeds but be careful mixing with more aggressive birds especially hybrid hens and Pekin bantams. You can see our breed compatibility guide for more advice. d’Uccles are timid yet inquisitive and can fly, so an enclosed run area is needed when they are not out with you in the garden. They can also be a little skittish as with the Polish hens and will fly up when frightened. They are a flight bird and can manage a house with a ladder or a ramp, however, their fully feathered feet can make movement difficult, they will need extra foot maintenance during the wetter months.


Also known as Bearded Belgian Bantams the Barbu d’Uccle is a breed that originated from Belgium. Created by Michael Van Gelder of Uccle, in the early years of the twentieth century by cross breeding the Sablepoot and a local breed of bantam chicken called Barbu d’Anvers. The Barbu d’Uccle breed has now become renowned for its friendly and tameable nature. Predominantly an ornamental breed they are reared for showing and exhibition purposes, first shown in 1905.
They make lovely pets and are fantastic birds for your back-garden flock. A true bantam, with females reaching no more than 600gms as adult, they come in many colour variations and are not overly broody. They will lay up to 100 small cream/white eggs a year and are not overly broody.

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