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Do Chickens Make Good Pets?

Do Chickens Make Good Pets?

There are so many breeds of chicken available from various types of Hybrid Laying Hens to cute and fluffy Bantams. They come in all sizes and colours and even lay different coloured eggs. Many first-time chicken keepers look at getting laying chickens to give them fresh eggs and provide a learning experience for their children, teaching them how to care for an animal and the rewards that you get form putting in the hard work of looking after them.
But more and more people are looking to chickens as an alternative to a cat or dog as a pet hen, so are chickens good as pets?

YES, they are!
There are many breeds of chicken that are better as laying hens and to be admired from a distance as they chicken about the fields, but there are many breeds of chickens especially the bantam chickens that Pipinchick rear that make wonderful pet chickens as well.
Chickens although will need care like any other animal, they are well suited to a busy lifestyle. As people are working longer hours and have less free time the pet chicken is becoming a favoured choice. They don’t need walking, can be left home ‘garden’ alone, they are pretty inexpensive to keep, with a bag of feed or grain costing anywhere from £4-£10 and let’s face is they’re just so cute and they give you eggs for breakfast!! ​

With more families living in smaller starter homes with less space chickens are ideal for pets, they live outside (bonus) and our bantam varieties need very little room and they don’t ruin your garden.
Not only are they great for many reasons as pets from being compact and needing little room, to not needing walks and live outside, but they are also very affectionate, funny, cuddly and make wonderful companions.

Picking the right pet chicken breed is key to making sure you get everything you want from your pet hen, ask our Pipinchick team when looking for a pet chicken for you children (or yourself) and they can advise.

Top 5 Pet Chickens For Friendliness

  1. Silkie Hens
  2. Polish Hens
  3. Cochin Hens
  4. Bantam Faverolles Hens
  5. Pekin Bantam Hens
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