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Cochin Chickens

Fluffy Cochin Chickens For Sale

Introduction to Cochin Chickens

Cochins are fabulous birds, they are the gentle giant of the poultry world, with their enormous fluffy bodies and fully feathered feet they look every bit as cute as their bantam friends. They are great with children and other birds large or small, children love this breed as they are robust, easy to handle and friendly, they make wonderful pets and garden companions.

Good With Most

This breed will be suited with most other breeds, however, some delicate breeds are not compatible with Hybrids or more aggressive breeds. Check the full breed guide for more information.

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Make Great Pets

This breed make wonderful pets for both adults and children, they will have a docile nature and will be easy to handle once they get to know you, they will enjoy human interaction and company.

150-180 Medium Cream/Light Brown PA

This breed will lay up to 180 medium cream/light brown coloured eggs per year, they are not known for being overly broody.

More About Cochin

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Cochin Chickens are gentle giants, they have such calm and docile natures. They are big fluff balls with fully feathered feet and make excellent pets for children. They love attention and are very cuddly and will be happy following you around the garden. As they are big they are quite robust and don’t mind being handled, which is good if you have younger children. They are not overly inquisitive and very unlikely to wonder off, they like to be in smaller areas and are best suited to free roaming. Give a Cochin love and they will give it back in full…


Cochins take up surprisingly little room and like to be contained with fencing. Because Cochin have fluffy leg and foot feathers it is best to confine Cochins on wet days when mud becomes a problem, balls of mud can stick to the feathers and collect under their feet which can lead to them going lame. They do not fly and a 2ft fence is sufficient to keep them contained, however, this will not keep predators out, so a secure enclosure is needed when you are not around. They also mix well with other breeds including bantam chickens and are an ideal all-round chicken for a first-time keeper. As they can’t fly, they would not be able to climb a ladder, they can manage a gentle ramp but a house on or near the ground it best for this breed, they do not roost and do not to perch.


The Cochin is a breed of large domestic chicken. It derives from large feather-legged chickens brought from China to Europe and North America in the 1840s and 1850s. It is reared principally for exhibition and was formerly known as the Cochin-China.

The Cochin and Brahma were both documented in the Western World at around the same time and soon became a firm favourite after the Queen of England just had to have some. They became part of a chicken breeding craze that swept through the Western world called ‘Hen Fever’ where exotic chickens were bred for showing and as ornamental hens for wealthy gardens. They are fairly good layers, averaging 180 light brown eggs a year, their life expectancy is 8-10 years.

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