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Modern Game Hens

Teeny, Tiny, Modern Game Birds For Sale

Introduction to Modern Game Birds

A British breed the Modern Game Bird is just wonderful, they are so tiny they sit in the palm of your hand. They are inquisitive and friendly and easily tamed. They have striking long legs and compact delicate bodies. Not great layers they are mainly kept for showing or as back garden companion hens. They are well adapted to small spaces and love human company. Really quirky looking and compatible with most mixed bantam flocks.

Handle With Care

This breed, although not hard to care for is delicate and not suited in large flocks of rangy or aggressive breeds, they will be happier in a flock of gentle breeds or breeds labelled Good With Most, avoid mixing with Hybrids, better in pairs. Check the full breed guide for more information.

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Make Great Pets

This breed make wonderful pets for both adults and children, they will have a docile nature and will be easy to handle once they get to know you, they will enjoy human interaction and company.

50-100 Small White PA

This breed will lay up to 100 small white coloured eggs per year, they are not known for being broody.

More About Modern Game

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Modern Game are such funny little birds, they have long legs and compact tiny bodies making them look almost Jurassic, like a mini dinosaur. They have quirky characters to match their funky appearance, friendly and curious they are wonderful pets to have. They like to be handled and make great companions, they are very easy to tame, they love people and company and will be your gardening buddy all year round. Good for children as they are very calm and docile, they won’t peck or be aggressive, they can be handled by smaller children, but toddlers might need a lot of guidance as they do have delicate features and a heavy hand could cause damage. A super little bird that will make a wonderful addition to your ornamental back garden flock.


Modern Game Hens are fairly easy to look after, they are reasonably robust for such a small bird. Better suited to a smaller area they are perfect for back garden coops; however, they can forage, and free roam provided the grass isn’t too long. They can be housed in mixed flocks provided the other birds have gentle natures. Ideal with other delicate Bantam chickens such as Polish and Faverolles or with our big gentle pure breeds. Not advised to mix with aggressive bantams or large hybrids.

They can fly so will be fine to navigate a house with a ladder or ramp, they like to perch and might roost although they do tend to snuggle in with the other hens, we raise ours with the big docile Brahma and often find them snuggled in under their big feathered tummies at night.


Modern game birds originate from Great Britain, known in France as Combattant Anglais. When cock fighting was made illegal in 1849 Old English Game birds were cross bred with Malays and the Modern Game Bird was created. a stunning new breed for showing enthusiasts as an alternative hobby for chicken keepers. Because the Game Bird is not a good utility bird and with no meat on them for eating a new sensation swept the nation for ornamental birds for showing and exhibition purposes. Since then, they have become a beautiful ornamental breed that are seen in many colour variations and ideal for pets and garden hens. They are not a fantastic laying breed but can lay up to 100 small white eggs a year and are not known for being broody, they have a life expectancy of up to 10 years.

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