Complete Dust Bath Kit For Chickens With Tub

An all in one dust bath kit for your pet chickens, with kiln dried sand, a 35ltr Red Gorilla tub, 1kg of DE powder and some lovely smelling herbs.

Dust baths are absolutely essential for helping keep mites and pests at bay and they also allow your hen to express her natural behaviour, making them happier and healthier all round.
Our Scented Sands Dust Bath is an all in one kit that comes with an authentic Red Gorilla Tubtrug 35ltr tub in a choice of colours, 20kg bag of kiln dried fine sand to fill the tub, 1kg of Chicken Vet diatomaceous earth powder and a 30gm bag of our Helpful Herbs Calm Hen with lavender, camomile flowers and lemon grass.
The DE powder and sand work together to eliminate mites and pests form your birds in a natural and non invasive way, preventing a mite infestation is key to keeping clean, happy and healthy hens.
The added herbs offer many health benefits for you chickens as well as promoting calmness and wellbeing, they will also leave your hens smelling lovely after their sand bath pampering.

£48.00 inc. VAT


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