Poultry Mite & Lice Treatment Kit

Hit mites and lice hard with this all in one treatment kit! Each item works to irradacate mites and lice from your hens, your coop and your run. Pipinchick used and approved!

Kill mites and lice with this all in one treatment kit.

There is nothing worse than that awful feeling when you see your hens have lice or mites or both! Not all is lost though and you can get rid of them with a good treatment and a strict cleaning regime implemented going forward. This kit has been created by out chicken experts to not only irradiate lice from your hens and coop but to stop them coming back.

This pack includes:

1 X 1ltr Poultry Shield cleaner, use this to clean your chickens coop, dilute into hot water and scrub your coop with a brush, get in all the nods and crannies.

1 X 50gm Virkon Sachet, a fantastic disinfectant that we use on the farm, it kills everything including bacterias, viruses and lice & all kinds of mites including dreaded red mite.

1 X 400gm Diatomaceous Earth puffer bottle, this is great to use for applying DE powder directly onto your hens, massage so the powder makes contact with the skin, pay particular attention to the vent, under the wings and the breast area.

1 X Aloe Vera shampoo, with soothing aloe for any irritation caused to the skin and also wont add citronella which works as a natural repellant.

1 X Dergall a chicken safe liquid spray treatment that will kill red mite and any lice that have infested your coup.

Use the DE puffer weekly and clean with the poultry shield and Virkon once every 2-3 months during the cooler weather, then monthly through through hotter weather and you should never have a mite infestation, top up cleaning and DE puffer items by purchasing our mite prevention kit as needed.

Have a read of our blog to see how to treat for lice and mites.

Mites, Lice and Parasites

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