20kg Bale New Flake Wood Shavings

High quality 20kg bale of heat sealed wood shavings for your chicken coop, Pipinchick approved, perfect for keeping your hens clean, fresh and cozy.

Mendip New Flake is the same brand of wood shavings that we use on our farm, it’s a great quality shaving. Heat treated when sealed to kill any bugs and nasties, a perfect all round wood shaving for inside your chicken cop, also great as a boredom buster for putting in a small run area.
Large shavings are ideal to use to create a dust free environment, absorb poop and keep your hens clean and fresh.
Wood shavings are a great insulator for use in your coop during cold weather to keep your hens cozy.
A 20kg bale can last  up to 6 weeks for a house with 5-8 hens.
Tried and tested with our Pipinchick seal of approval!

£15.00 inc. VAT


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