Poultry Shield Cleaner

Keep your chicken house clean and mite free with Poultry Shield concentrated cleaner.

Poultry Shield Concentrate is a cleaner and disinfectant to use on your coop and equipment.

Poultry shield is a all purpose cleaner and powerful denfectant but it is non-caustic and safe to use. Poultry owners have reported that it has been extremely effective against infestation of red mite. Use weekly, as a preventive measure for mites and to clean out your coop or once every 3 months as part of a deep clean with a Virkon S spray.
When using in a coop that has a red mite infestation, dilute 1 part Poultry Shield with 9 parts of water. Spray everywhere in the coop; corners, cracks and crevices where mites hide and go to town with a scrubbing brush, let the coop fully dry before putting your hens back in.
Always use gloves and a face mask when spraying or using any disinfectant.

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