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Houdan Chickens

French Houdan Chickens For Sale

Introduction to Houdan Chickens

The lovely and quite unusual Houdan comes in 2 colourways black mottled and pure white. The Houdan is a rare large breed of chicken, with a gentle nature and a very funky pom pom, they have large, pointed combes and are very stunning. Gentle by nature they are compatible with all other breeds, even tiny bantams, they make wonderful pets and can be hand tamed over time, they are very fun to watch and are thoroughly entertaining.

Good With Most

This breed will be suited with most other breeds, however, some gentle breeds are not compatible with Hybrids or more aggressive breeds. Check the full breed guide for more information.

Chicken Buying Guide

Aloof But Friendly

This breed will be very inquisitive and friendly; however, they can seem a little aloof as they do not like being handled too much and will be self-sufficient, they prefer to chicken about doing their own thing.

150-200 Medium White PA

This breed will lay up to 200 medium white coloured eggs per year, they are not known for being broody.

More About Houdans

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The Houdan Chicken is a completely unique and wonderful bird, they have a happy go lucky way about them and are a bit like a neurotic aunt! Not as cuddly as some breeds but will be friendly and tame, they can be flighty if spooked and a little jumpy, but once they trust you, they will be hand tameable. They have a very docile nature (although a bit bonkers) and are much like a big version of a Polish Hen. They have bags of personality and lots of love to give and will provide hours of fun watching them get up to their nutty chicken antics. Happy in most mixed flocks, they play nice with others, great for children as they are sweet birds and won’t be aggressive or peck, but younger children may not be able to handle them easily.


The Houdan is a Large Fowl and has a very confident nature; they are a fantastic bird to have roaming the back garden, although too many in one area will leave your grass a little worse for wear. They have a gentle and docile nature and will get used to being handled over time, but it may never be their favourite thing, they like to roam and forage and can make lovely pets and back yard birds. They can fly and love to perch, they would enjoy a well enriched run with swings and climbing areas, they will need an enclosed safe area when you are not around. They can manage a house with a ladder or ramp and would like roosting bars to sleep on at night.


Houdan Chickens are named after the French town of Houdan to the west of Paris. The Houdan was believed to have been created from the Polish Crèvecœur and possibly the Dorking during the 1840’s. It was originally created as a dual-purpose utility breed. The Houdan is unusual in that it has 5 toes like the Dorking and V shaped comb with a small crest on its head.

Houdans reached Britain around 1860 and America by 1865. The British and Americans exhibited the Houdan, they attracted a lot of attention as they were unusual in their looks, but their popularity never grew to more than a handful of breeders, which makes them quite rare and unique for the UK chicken enthusiast. The Houdan will lay plenty of big white eggs up to 200 in a season, they are also said to be a fantastic winter egg layer. Strong and hardy birds they can live up to 8 years. Not known for being too broody they will keep laying through the year.

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