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Pure Breed Leghorn Chickens

Pure Breed Leghorn Chickens For Sale

Introduction to Pure Breed Leghorn Chickens

Pure breed Leghorn chickens are perhaps the most prolific laying pure breed hen available and can produce up to 300 large white eggs a year. They are a wonderfully docile breed and can be placed with almost all other breeds, they are good for new chicken keepers as they lay well, have calm temperaments and are easy to care for.

Good With Most

This breed will be suited with most other breeds, however, some gentle breeds are not compatible with Hybrids or more aggressive breeds. Check the full breed guide for more information.

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Aloof But Friendly

This breed will be very inquisitive and friendly; however, they can seem a little aloof as they do not like being handled too much and will be self-sufficient, they prefer to chicken about doing their own thing.

250+ Large White PA

This breed will lay up to 300 large, white coloured eggs per year, they are not known for being overly broody.

More About Pure Breed Leghorn

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The Pure Breed Leghorn is such a wonderful bird, they are sweet natured, docile and very friendly. They can be a little flighty but once they know you and gain in confidence, they are easily hand tamed. They love company and will be curiously following you around the garden in no time. Once fully mature their combes become floppy and very large which is so comical and really adds to emphasise their whacky personalities, great all-round chicken perfect for first time poultry keepers.


Leghorns are very versatile and are happy in most situations. They would prefer a set up with lots of foraging as they do like to be out and about, they would also be suited to a back garden set up provided their run had plenty of enrichment or they had plenty of free garden time with you around. Suited in mixed flocks with most other breeds they are very chilled out and kind to other breeds, we have even reared ours with Polish who are notoriously delicate. They can fly so will need a secure enclosure when you are not around, they can also manage a house with a ladder or a ramp, they like to perch and be up high so roosting bars would be ideal for this breed. It is advised to make sure prolific laying hens are well cared for with extra supplements such as multi vitamins, and calcium tonic and a very good quality layer’s feed.


Originating in Tuscany, central Italy, Leghorns were first exported to North America in 1828 from the Tuscan port city of Livorno, on the western coast of Italy. In 1870 this chicken breed was first introduced to Britain from the United States of America and from there re-exported to Italy. Nowadays, white Leghorn chickens are very popular and commercially used layer birds in many countries of the world, known for being a prolific pure breed layer, they can lay up to 300 large white shelled eggs a year. Due to their high yielding egg production Leghorns tend to have a shorter overall life expectancy of about 6 years.

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