Mini Starter Kit for Keeping Chickens

Our mini starter poultry kit has all the essential items you need to get you started with your first little flock of garden hens, suitable for up to 4-5 smaller or 2-3 larger hens.

Pipinchick Mini Starter Kit is an all in one starter pack with all the essentials you need to start caring for your new chickens.

Included in this starter pack.

1 X 50ltr Dengi Fresh Bed, great antiseptic bedding with pine oil and with antibacterial properties, perfect for small coops.

1 X 1kg Greenline Bio Plastic Feeder, made from recycled bioplastic, eco friendly and robust.

1 X 1.5ltr Greenline Bio Plastic Drinker, made from recycled bioplastic, eco friendly  and robust.

1 X Forager 30gm Calm Hen, a lovely blend of calming flowers and herbs including lavender, camomile and lemon balm, sprinkle in with their treats or add to their bedding ideal to help your new hens settle into their mew home.

1 X  100ml Pipinchick Multi Vitamin, essential for healthy and happy hens with extra B12 vitamin, specially designed to aid bantams and pure breeds.

1 X 400gm DE puffer bottle, keep your hens mite and lice free by puffing DE powder directly onto their feathers and massage down to the skin, the fine grains work to prevent mites and lice from taking hold of your flock,

2 X Forager 600gm treat bags, Immune Boost and Young Hen, both are designed to help boost hens during times of stress and change and also to support growing young hens. Not only do chickens love these treat bags but giving treats to your new chickens will help them learn to trust you quicker and feel more conferrable.

1 X 5kg bag of either Fancy Feed layers or growers pellets, if you are not sure which you need please ask us, we can always change at a later date if needed. Fancy Feed is a fantastic feed, we use it on our small holding and absolute guarantee the quality.

This Mini Starter Pack is suitable for 4-5 smaller hens and 2-3 larger hens.

£95.47 inc. VAT


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