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Coucou Des Rennes

Big and Beautiful CouCou Des Rennes Chickens

Introduction to Coucou Des Rennes

The Coucou Des Rennes is a large breed of hen originating from France, they are a big, robust, utility breed, originally used a table bird due to their size, but now equally as desirable as a good, consistent pure breed laying hen. They are a larger pure breed and very hardy, they are fairly easy going but will enjoy lots of room to forage, not suited with delicate breeds they are better suited to a flock of rangy Hybrids or Pure Breeds.


This indicates that this breed is not aggressive per-se, but not really suited to mix with smaller bantams or to outnumber other breeds, they are better with their own kind or breeds of a similar size and nature.

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Aloof But Friendly

This breed will be very inquisitive and friendly; however, they can seem a little aloof as they do not like being handled too much and will be self-sufficient, they prefer to chicken about doing their own thing.

150-200 Large Light Brown

This breed will lay up to 200 large light brown eggs per year, they are not known for being overly broody, but can sit well and make god mothers.

More About Coucou Des Rennes

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Coucou Des Rennes are a French breed of chicken, a large utility breed originally bred for meat these hens are now mainly bred for their lovely large light brown eggs. They are a robust hen and great for large spaces and suited to mix with rangy Hybrids and other large Pure Breeds. Not flighty but not a snuggler, they will be happy in your company but won’t seek out cuddles, they will ‘chicken’ about and love to forage.


Coucou Des Rennes are a beautiful hen, they are good pure breed laying chickens and make lovely additions to a mixed flock, they do well on their own in a flock and don’t necessarily need a breed companion. They do like to forage and free roam, they would not be the best hen for a small back garden but can live in smaller set ups provided they have lots of enrichment. They are docile and amicable with most other breeds, they are not overly fond of being handled, but they can be hand tamed with patience and lots of treats. They can manage a house with a ladder or ramp, they like to roost and would enjoy some roosting bars to sleep on at night.


The Coucou de Rennes was developed at the end of the 19th century in Breton France. Well known for its delicious meat the Coucou de Rennes was common in farm markets during the 19th and 20th centuries. Known as a fine utility breed the hens can weigh up to 3kg! Now they are classed as a rare breed in the U.K. having only been introduced here in 2011, they are sought after for their hardiness and lovely large brown eggs as they also lay very well offering up to 200 eggs a year, they have a life expectancy of 5-10 years.

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