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Sizzle Silkie Chickens are such an amazingly cute, little bird. Silkies have been crossed with a frizzle bantam to create soft and frizzly little chickens. They are gentle natured, inquisitive, very sweet and just stunning! They are robust and have a cheeky nature inherited from the bantam with all the docile, calm nature of the Silkie. Pipinchick Sizzles make wonderful pets and back garden chicken.
There are many wonderful and stunning rare breed pet chickens available at Pipinchick Poultry. From Bantam Pekins, Large Cochins to the fluffy Silkies each breed is unique in character and has a different personality. For more information on each breed click the links below or contact for availability.
Very unusual, wonderful and just fabulous!!! These stunning Silkie hens are named Showgirl Silkies. They have fatherless necks and outrageously poufy pom-poms making them look every bit as their name suggests. We have bearded and non bearded. So full of character and charm Pipinchick’s Show Girl Silkie Marilyn was photographed for U.K. fashion brand, Burberry!
Non Bearded Silkie Chickens are full of character, they are sweet, docile birds. They have lovely clean necks with no beard muffs. Having beardless chins allow you to see their pretty faces and gorgeous blue lobes more easily and makes their pom-poms look extra fluffy! Hardier than their bearded cousins they are more robust and a little smarter, they make great pets and back garden poultry.
Pekins are such stunning little birds with larger than life characters! They come in many colours from Lavender to Black Mottled, they are good little layers and are hardy. They make excellent pets for children and won’t ruin your lawn. See below pictures and colours of our lovely little Pekin Bantam hens.
Bantam Faverolles are such gorgeous little bantam chickens. They come in a pretty Salmon colour with really soft plumage. They have fluffy beards which make them look like cuddly teddybears. They make excellent pets and are good for small back gardens, they lay up to 180 small creamy pink tinted eggs a year. See our pictures below.
These little birds are full of character, they are confident and very robust for a bantam chicken. Although friendly they are not well suited as pets for children as they are busy little chickens and not big on cuddles. Capable of adapting to most situations easily they can and will fly! You will need an enclosed run to keep them from wondering off. Great little layers giving up to 180 small white eggs a year!
Stunning little bantam chickens with glorious fan tails. They are short to the ground and make lovely back garden hens. They are very smart little hens and incredibly inquisitive, they make wonderful companion chickens and are well suited with almost any other bantam. They will tame in time and although not the cuddliest will be friendly and comfortable in your company. Perfect garden companions, they are friendly and smart little birds.
Stunning laced Padovana chickens available in 3 colours. These birds are truly gorgeous with beautiful laced feathers and outrageous pom poms. They are a large breed and fairly robust, they can free roam or happy in a smaller setting. Fun of character and very friendly they make excellent pets and back garden hens. See our colours and pictures below.
We have many colours of Poland Bantam hens available from plain reds and blues to the fun and quirky splash varieties. Polish Chickens are so full of character, we love them at Pipinchick, they are a firm favourite! Chatty, funny and delightful to watch chicken about the garden! See below colours and pictures of our available Polish Chickens.
Modern Game Birds are wonderful, they are so tiny they sit in the palm of your hand. They are inquisitive and friendly and easily tamed. They have striking long legs and compact delicate bodies. Not great layers they are mainly kept for showing or as companion back garden hens. They are well adapted to small spaces and love human company. Really quirky looking and compatible with most mixed bantam flocks.
The stunning lacing on the Bantam Wyandotte Chicken is truly beautiful. They are very cheeky and inquisitive little birds. Excellent in a smaller back garden coop, they like human company although won’t be as cuddly and tame as a Silkie or Pekin. They can be a little aloof at times but very beautiful to watch chickening about the garden.
Cochins are fabulous birds, they are the gentle giant of the poultry world, with their enormous fluffy bodies and fully feathered feet they look every bit as cute as their bantam friends. They are great with children and other birds large or small, averaging 160 eggs a year they are a super all round bird!
Brahma chickens are big, friendly, docile birds. They are very stunning and fluffy and lay big light brown eggs. They are great birds in a mixed flock as they have a calm and gentle nature. Not known for being overly broody and are good winter egg layers. Excellent in a back garden set up or happy free roaming although feathered feet may need a trim in the winter. See our available Brahma hen colours below.
The lovely and quite unusual Houdan comes in 2 colourways black mottled and pure white at Pipinchick Poultry we rear the fetching Black Mottled variety. A large breed of chicken, with a gentle nature the Houdan is compatible with all other breeds, even tiny bantams, they make wonderful pets and thoroughly entertaining. See our pictures below.
The Devon blue is a lovely smaller Hybrid chicken they are prolific layers giving up to 300 blue eggs a year! They are docile and very friendly chickens, they have naturally inquisitive natures and will be happy following you around the garden. They can scratch a lawn so unless you have a big free roaming space only 1 or 2 is recommended as part of your back garden flock.
  • Great all-round hen
  • Hardy but friendly
  • Happy free roaming or in a garden
  • Docile and gentle in nature
  • Great layers, over 200+ medium sized cream to coffee coloured eggs a year.