DEFRA Warnings for poultry keepers in the UK.

I’m sure most are aware that DEFRA have recntly issued warning for the UK, following on from reported cases of Avian flu outbreak in the South of France.

Firstly don’t PANIC! It’s not as bad as you think!

There are some simple steps you can take to heed the warnings and still enjoy your beautiful birds.

DEFRA have recommended all poultry keepers in the UK do the below to minimise the risk of contamination from wild migratory birds


3 easy steps for keeping birds to adhere to the DEFRA recommendations.

1. Keep domestic birds away from wild birds.
This is quite easy to do, DEFRA recently lifted the MUST HOUSE rule and you can now let your bird free range, keep your eyes peeled for wild birds and make a conscious effort to divert them from your chickens. If you can net a run area this is ideal but if not then do not panic, just keep food and water away from the risk of contamination from wild birds.

2. Keep food and water covered, to prevent wild bird pooh from falling into them.

3. Keep a clean and tidy area for your birds you can do this be regularly cleaning and disinfecting their run, houses etc… You can also introduce a foot dip with disinfectant in it to be at the entrance to your property for anyone visiting to ensure they do not bring an infection with them. (This would be more for farms and large smallholdings)

Transporting your birds.

There have been some confirmed outbreaks in the UK in Lincolnshire, Wales ad Lancashire, if your farm or small holding falls with in a 3km radius of these confirmed infections you can not move poultry with in those areas.
However, you are still able to move pets, so your new pet chickens won’t be a problem.

So Keep Calm and Chicken on…..